Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some Process Stuff...

Like my last post, here is another piece for a pretty fun personal project I'm messing around with. No details right now but I thought I would show a little process work. Start to finish.

First off my initial sketch. There were other sketches of course, but this was the look I decided on. I wanted this demonic kind of character, but done in a way where it is just standing there gazing at you creepily. Next my color study done in Photoshop with a Cintiq. I do my color studies pretty loosely, but they do act as a guide for my final work in Illustrator. I wanted the piece to really feel lit from the flames.

After further picking my work apart, I realized I super hated the pose. It just wasn't right. I did a corrective sketch in PShop and printed it out so I could draw a new sketch by hand. I prefer drawing by hand. Old school. Here I added more skulls and some skeletal elements to the uniform. I love the tiny knee-high boots.

At the same time I was working on the border and card info ('s for a card game type thing). Using the old sketch I plotted out how I wanted the image to interact with the card border and did the final border and type in Illustrator.

Lastly, I take all the elements into Illustrator and begin my tedious process of digital painting with vectors. A lot of my fellow artists call me nuts for this techique, but it's actually very close to how I used to paint traditionally and I love cut paper it a happy medium for me. The image on the left shows the wireframe mode of my Illustrator file. My final piece is on the right.

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boob said...


The quickest way to get my attention is by using some HOT magenta colors. Orange is my forever love, but Magenta is the girl that enters the party and makes you think about cheating - just for a synapse or two. Then you snap back into the real world and everything is completely cool. You actually laugh about it to yourself: "You and Magenta?!? Ha! Psssssh - so stupid. C'mere Orange baby. Let's skip this party and get some ice cream.

Yeah, so Fire Commander is hot like that.

Dig the process completely.

Also, you're going to ComiCon right? You better stop by our table!