Sunday, February 22, 2009

Project: Ben 10...Diamondhead Sketch

So I thought I would pontificate a bit. This is a difficult project I've given myself. Doing my drawing in the computer with the pen tool is really challenging. So I thought I would show a little example of my mistakes and explain my challenges.

So here is my first pass at Diamondhead. What I've found is it's really challenging to get into the flow of action when sketching in the computer. My first image here doesn't look bad but the body language and flow of action are boring.

Take a look here where I've traced the flow. The drawing's flow is merely letting the eye slide from top to bottom. "Boring and tired" says this drawing.

So here I pushed the flow of the sketch to create a more dynamic path for the eye to follow. There's a real nice contrasting arc between the left arm and the center of the chest. Plus I've pushed the head and left foot a little more forward creating better tension in the pose.

Here's the flow outlined. Notice how the arc on the left arm, if continued would almost create a full circle with the feet. This helps the eye to continue to travel up to the shoulders, then down to the feet and back up again.

I guess that's the end of my lesson for today. Now on to the final.