Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Super Fan Art II Turbo...

Hey dudes,

Here's some color comps for a couple pieces I'm working on for an upcoming show, theme of "Street Fighter".

I hope no super geeks call me out at the show...Ken is actually left handed...whoops!

Two problems with this one:
1.) The crappy round thing at the bottom is a place holder for a sketch of the humiliating head bite technique.
2.) I'm retarded and wrote "Blaka" instead of Blanka. I'll fix that later.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lucky you...

Hey dudes, here's a couple sneak peeks at some upcoming projects. One of which you will see the final very soon, one of which you may never see.


WHOA...Where have I been?!...

That's right! Where have I been? Pretty much right here, just not posting obviously. Here's some corner doodles...

This week's corner doodles feature a singing monkey thing circa Shobiz Pizza, my World of Warcraft character, and an angry viking with a bad foot (indicated by the whoops).