Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Project: Weekend Monster!...

I'm getting a jumpstart on my New Year's resolutions.

Number One; stop eating sooo much garbage. I know that eight cheese macaroni and cheese with bacon looks amazing but I don't want to have a heart attack before I'm forty.
Number Two; I am going to set a new art project for myself called Weekend Monster! I wanted to challenge myself to practice something I hate to I balanced this out with something I like to draw...monsters. So the challenge is to post a monster and his/her vehicle of choice, every weekend, for a year. That make 52 monsters and 52 cars total. We'll see how it goes as I am pretty infamous for never, ever finishing art projects...ever.

I kick this project off with my very own MnS blog mascot and his sweet ride.


It's going to be a busy year...O_O


Lindsay Nohl said...

Nice. It's awesome to see this. Good luck in your artistic endeavors!! :)

Lindsay Nohl said...

OOH! You should also post your process / sketches! You worked so hard on those! It'd be cool to see them!

Jesse said...

Hott-diggity! Finished!