Monday, September 19, 2011

That's more like it...

If anybody out there follows my blog they'll know I always have several pieces that I tinker away on for years. Kind of like a mechanic with the old broken down car in the garage. This piece I began for the S.A.A.C. a billion years ago has gone through several changes.
Here is the original sketch and color study.
Retrobot_Sketch_sm_Color Study_sm
I started this piece by cleaning all my line work. I didn't like it. It felt too clean and the colors are really drab.
A while later I got back into it reworking the line work and pushing the color. Also adding a single layer of shading.
Recently I realized I hated the line work and was always more interested in the color. Here is my latest attempt to breath some life into this piece. More like the energy in the original sketch. If I ever finish it I think this is the way to go.

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Lindsay Nohl said...

Cool. You should work with painter one of these days. That would be awesome. Color against color is a great way to go.