Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Super Fan Art II Turbo...

Hey dudes,

Here's some color comps for a couple pieces I'm working on for an upcoming show, theme of "Street Fighter".

I hope no super geeks call me out at the show...Ken is actually left handed...whoops!

Two problems with this one:
1.) The crappy round thing at the bottom is a place holder for a sketch of the humiliating head bite technique.
2.) I'm retarded and wrote "Blaka" instead of Blanka. I'll fix that later.


Rom said...

Are you limiting these pieces to Street Fighter 2? As in, no characters from Zero/alpha, or SF3?

Chris H. said...

No limit! Lindsay did Remy from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike!

Also, way to spell, No-Spell-Good!

adam H. said...

No, the only limiting thing is how much time I have. I would do a whole bunch if I had the time. It was a tough decision to get to who I was doing. I wanted to hit some core characters before I got more finite with Alpha,3 or even 4. I love 3 and might try to whip out a Yin and Yang if I get the chance.